Kenxinda Y20

Hard reset Kenxinda Y20 Option 1

1. Go to Settings

2. Click on the menu About Phone

3. Next item Storage

4. Then click on Factory data reset

5. Mark opposite Factory Reset and Format disk

6. Click on Start cleaning

7. Reset will complete after Kenxinda Y20 restart.

Hard reset Kenxinda Y20 Option 2

1. Need to turn off the smartphone Kenxinda Y20

2. Press Volume Up + Turn on for a few seconds

3. Stop pressing the buttons when we see the brand logo on the display

4. Click Clear Data

5. Click on Start

6. The reset process will end after Kenxinda Y20 restart.


To fully perform a complete reset of Kenxinda Y20, a battery charge of about 80% is required.

When the reset is completed, all personal applications and data installed in the memory Kenxinda Y20 will be erased.